Labello History - 100 Years in Lip Care


Two years after Dr. Oscar Troplowitz came up with a great innovation of a caring lip balm, the Labello brand was introduced in Germany, Switzerland and Austria-Hungary. The word Labello is derived from the Latin words “labium” (lips) and “bellus” (beautiful) which is exactly the goal of Labello – to give you beautiful lips!



Labello introduced an innovative new packaging, slider tin case, where you could get the stick out by pushing it at the bottom of the case. Back then, lip care products were sold unpackaged, where small pieces where cut out of a larger one and wrapped in tinfoil.

Picture: 1911, Pricelist from UK


After the success in the first European Markets, Labello was made available in stores in Denmark, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. So people who were alive back then could buy Labello when they were traveling abroad.

Picture: 1914, Pricelist from Denmark, Italy and Germany




The Labello tin case was replaced by an Aluminum one to make it easier for the consumer to use and to carry it in their pocket or purse. At this time Labello was available in two versions: the regular white one and a tinted red one which was one of the first colored Labello lip balm with caring effect. Picture: Aluminium Casing


In the 1930s Labello was available in more than 30 countries worldwide. There definitely was something to its popularity. Picture: 1935, Pricelist from Colombia



Already in the 30s, Labello made well-designed advertisements to inform consumers about their new caring lip balms. Today this type of design is trendy again, many people calling it “Retro”. Picture: 1938, Advertisment from Germany


The red and white Labellos were still successful around the world: everyday care for everyone with the white Labello and care plus a beautiful red lip tone for women with Labello Red. Picture: Germany 1952



The Aluminium casing was replaced by a plastic slider casing, giving it a more colorful and modern appearance.


To kiss someone with well-cared, soft lips is great, don’t you think? Already in the 50s, Labello paid attention to both women’s and men’s lips.



Have you ever thought that the original sliding case sounds a bit strange? In the 1960s Labello did too, which is why they invented a new turning case that was much easier to use. Now people didn’t have to use their pinkie anymore to get the precious Labello.


For the first time Labello appeared in the classical blue casing giving it the appearance that is a symbol of lip balm today. Picture: 1973, Germany



Labello Med is introduced with sun protection factor and soothing agents. Labello took a step further and specialized on products for more severe lip problems. Picture: 1978, German info-letter


This was the first time Labello Sun appeared on the market, helping people to protect their sensitive lips from the sun’s rays.



Labello Camomille was introduced for people who wanted lip balm that was natural in its flavour and ingredients.1984, German ad


Labello Rosé gave girls the first caring pink lip color. Ever since then Rosé is very popular and used by girls and women all around the world. Picture: 1986, German info-letter



To answer the question: How can I protect my lips when doing outdoor sports, let it be in the water, in the sun or in cold weather? Labello Sport was introduced, giving more active people a product that was especially designed for them. Picture: 1989, German ad


Labello LipBalance was created with a unique water-based formula with high moisture for your lips. LipBalance consisted of two lip balms; Hydro, the forerunner to today’s Hydro Care and Regeneration, the first Labello in a tube.



Ever felt that your lips gets harmed when spending time outdoors in the snow? The Labello UV Alpin introduced in 1994 with SPF 25 and cold protection, cares for your lips while skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or other fun stuff outdoors during the winter.


Starting in 1999, Labello launched 17 different fruit flavoured lip balms, with flavours such as Tropical Shake,Cherry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit. Labello offers you frequently new fruit variants so that you can try out new trendy colors, smells and tastes.



Labello started the Millennium with pearl and shimmer for feminine lips adding more shine on lips and to the world. This was also a huge step into the cosmetic direction and attracted many young girls all around the globe.


For all glamorous girls Labello introduced a new special gloss “Care Gloss and Shine” for shiny, soft lips, available in two trendy colours and as a transparent gloss.



Labello introduced the ‘moisture store effect‘ in the range to further care for your lips. Since lips become dry over time when untreated, Labello seals in the lips‘ moisture by protecting them with Glycerin that is a moisturizing agent naturally found in the skin and applying precious Grape Seed Oil, enriched with caring Vitamin E.


The great success story of Labello is turning 100 Years! Labello is more than just a brand – Labello is 100 years of experience, a promise of well-cared, soft & beautiful lips; the right to find products for your specific needs and to take advantage of the natural ingredients for moisture effect. Today Labello is the most used lip care product in the world. 100 Years of Labello - Keep on Kissing!



Labello introduce the first launch of a two-coloured marble stick with the new Vitamin Shake range. Every stick is a unique composition of care and pleasure. Two-tone and full of extras for healthy cared-for lips: intensive moisturizing, UV protection (SPF 10), vitamin power with beauty vitamins C, E and pro vitamin B5, fruit extract with a great taste and a natural hint of color.


Vitamin Shake Cranberry & Raspberry


Experience indulging care: The buttery balm melts on your lips and provides them with intensive long lasting care. Its aroma makes it a unique experience.

  • Lip Butter Original
  • Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé
  • Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia



Labello introduces Fruity Shine Watermelon and Peach. Every stick pampers your lips with intensive moisture and an exciting aroma. It gives a touch of delicate color and prettifies your lips with a soft shine.

  • Fruity Shine Peach
  • Fruity Shine Watermelon